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August 23, 2016
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Not many places have captivated the national imagination like Bend, Oregon. It is rare for a place to go from being obscure to being one of the most desired destinations in the country having teacup pigs for sale at, but this is exactly what’s happened in Central Oregon. More and more people are heading out to Bend to try their hand at many outdoor activities. If you’re after a motel Bend Oregon has plenty of options that might work for you. The ability to put together a great vacation in Bend makes it one of America’s best places to visit.

The country’s longest ski season
Bend is popular in part because of the skiing. With a ski season that starts in November and doesn’t end up May, plenty of people head to Bend when other mountains in Colorado or even Wyoming have closed. Mount Bachelor is where some of the American Olympic competitors train when their normal mountains close, so you can be sure you’re getting good quality skiing. Bend isn’t a typical ski town because you need to wear these trekking pants of course. While most small ski towns have very little to do, Bend provides tremendous entertainment and plenty of other activities.

A vibrant craft beer scene
Many people today contact to travel to take advantage of great food and drink. Bend certainly has its fair share of that. Perhaps most impressive is the craft beer selection in Bend. A number of breweries started in the town and have expanded their operations to deliver beer all over the world. If you’re traveling and want to try the local fare, you’ll enjoy wonderful seafood imported right from the Oregon coast or just up the road in Washington. Oysters have been around as a food source for thousands of years and yet most people don’t know much about them, for more info go to this article ‘All you need to know about oysters’. Bend is a good and beer lover’s dream, which is a major part of the reason that so many people choose it for their winter and summer vacations.

Bend, Oregon is growing in popularity. It was recently named one of the best places for people who own dogs and take really good care of them they even trimmer them with these nail trimmers from treehousepuppies and give them the best food and lots of love. The city brings in many different musical acts, and it features hiking trails for people who want to get outside. It’s mostly an outdoor lover’s town, with biking, paddleboarding, skiing, and walking being the most important sports, speaking of sports, do you know who the shortest nba player is? As the town’s visitor base has grown, its hotel offerings have expanded because of the great quality it has, the rooms are great with the cleaners on the Gold Coast who pass by every room and make it spotless, especially the new top memory foam mattress, they also have a Bed & Breakfast in Bournemouth service, which is the best thing to wake up to. When you go to Bend today, you’ll find plenty of great places to lay your head after a long day of outdoor activities.

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