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December 10, 2012
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Linking up with Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday 2.

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14 responses to “Orchard, Singapore”

  1. Luna Miranda says:

    interesting shapes and patterns.

  2. Inverness DP says:

    That makes my neck crick.

  3. Beautiful angle!

    My Yellow
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  4. Awesome structures! Great shots! Happy WW!

  5. veronica lee says:

    Very interesting capture!

    Happy WW!

  6. Nikki says:

    Oh my favorite is the gray building. Since i’m a pastry chef i can’t help but to think it looks like chocolate dripping. I know that sounds weird lol. I hope you have a great Wednesday!

  7. stevebethere says:

    Amazing capture the angle made it :-)

    Have a fantabulous week :-)

  8. lencilicious says:

    I like the way you shot those buildings. Great job.
    Visiting from MYM My Yellow Entry

  9. Rebecca says:

    a beautiful picture stolen in a nice angle.:) i love it ..


  10. Gattina says:

    Strange buildings ! It seems that Singapoor is full of skyscrapers !

  11. Loy Cerf says:

    Stunning photo! The gray sky back drop really makes the buildings pop! Nice work.

  12. Myrna says:

    Very interesting pic!

  13. What a tall building that is Sis :-) Returning from Ruby Tuesday :-)

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