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October 22, 2013
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What was meant to be a marriage for convenience turned out to be a very sweet love story when Noel and Joyce, fell in love with each other. He went to the States a few years ago with a broken heart; fresh from divorce, separated from his children and totally broke. It was his siblings who helped him get up again and sent him to the States to start a new life.

He started working part time because it was tough to get a decent job when you’re a tourist. To make a long story short, he survived his first year in the States without a stable job. A few months before his visa expired, he decided to take some actions to make his stay legal. A co-worker suggested marriage for convenience. Noel had no idea it existed but he decided to give a try. He was introduced to a Filipina named Joyce. Noel wasn’t sure how it happened but they instantly clicked. Instead of proceeding with the usual paperwork of planning their wedding, they dated. And before they knew it, they were madly in love with each other. Noel is set to marry Joyce, but first he must propose. So the search for an engagement ring began.

Noel found the perfect rose gold morganite engagement ring for his bride to be when a good friend of his sister’s, who happens to be a jeweler, helped him look for an engagement ring. Jake is an expert and he recommended Tacori engagement rings to Noel. He browsed a lot of catalogs and seen a lot of designs, but that only made him more confused. He liked everything he saw online that he had forgotten Joyce is a very simple person and would prefer a jewelry with a simpler setting. It was only when he found out from the website that he could actually purchase a loose diamond and have them make a unique design for their clients that he remembered how Joyce would prefer a simple ring. He immediately made a down-payment on a one-carat loose diamond then he started looking for a setting that would be perfect for his Joyce.

When he still can’t decide from all the catalogs he had seen, he talked it out with his sister’s jeweler friend and together, they started collaborating on a setting. Noel told him Joyce’s preferences and from that, the jeweler friend was able to come up with a beautiful ring. Noel sent them the design and in a week’s time, Joyce’s ring was ready.


She was in tears when Noel proposed to her and all she could do was nod in approval. It took her a few minutes before she finally said YES. Of course, Noel was in tears too. Not only because Joyce loved the ring but because Joyce agreed to spend the rest of her life with him. The wedding is set this December and everyone is so happy for the both of them. Finally, Noel has found the perfect person and the perfect ring.

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