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August 25, 2014
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My birthday happened to fall on a weekend, so that’s when I decided to take our Solairestaycation.” I made the reservation a couple of months earlier because I know that August is a busy month and I might not be able to get a room if I made the reservation near the date.

Sure enough, when the big day came, I stood in line at the check in counter for more or less 45 minutes. The problem? No rooms were available because those occupying them have not checked out, yet. Of course, they couldn’t give the “still occupied” rooms even if you have made your reservations. Those in front of me were asked to wait for at least an hour to get to their rooms.

I was already expecting that when it was my turn, but to my surprise, I was asked to wait for a few minutes when I gave my room passport to one of the staff. I didn’t even have to wait long and another one of the hotel’s staff went to me. She said she would show me to my room. Yay! I felt like a VIP because all the others have to wait. And me? I was even accompanied to my room!

I got another surprise when I saw it. We were given a bay view! I was expecting a city view because all the other bloggers ahead of me stayed in Deluxe City View rooms. Double yay!

Solaire Staycation 183

The welcome note for guests.

Solaire Staycation 170

Fruits, chocolates and polvoron.

Solaire Staycation 154

Solaire Staycation 157

Of course, the beds were perfectly made when I first came into the room, but the girls just can’t help themselves.

Solaire Staycation 156

Solaire Staycation 159

The very spacious bathroom.

Solaire Staycation 166

Solaire Staycation 161

We planned to have dinner at the food court, but decided to go to Hobbies of Asia instead. There, we tried out one of the “paluto” restaurants, where you can shop for seafoods and have the cooks of the resto cook them the way you like them. Our bellies were so full from all the scrumptious food that was prepared for us.

We spent the evening going around the casino, too bad guests were not allowed to take photos, we even had to opportunity to check site . And as usual, when midnight struck, the boys were hungry. We went to the food court to grab some burgers.

Solaire Staycation 184

Breakfast was spent at Fresh, Solaire’s buffet restaurant, where all the food served was magnificent. It was too bad though, that the twins didn’t get to swim in their beautiful pool because it was raining and the girls were suffering from colds, at night we went to the casino to play a little, since I wanted to go because I’m starting in all this of bets online and I learn that bet365 new customers need to read this before joining. Overall, we had a wonderful stay at Solaire Resort & Casino and everyone’s looking forward to our next staycation.

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