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July 20, 2015
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The United Kingdom is a popular tourist destination known for its rich culture, food, and tourist attractions such as the London’s Eye, Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle, among many others. But even with all these wonderful attractions, a lot of people are still hesitant to travel to UK because of the persistent myth that it’s unaffordable.

Yes, it’s true that most hotels in London tend to be a little bit expensive, although the city counts with great restaurants and other services near by like escorts in stoke-on-trent that you can find in sites online. However, you can still find nice but affordable hotels in other places. If you want to go on a trip to London, but don’t want to go beyond the budget, check out the list of the most affordable hotels below, most of them use this free template for developing a hotel marketing plan. That is how they manage to keep such low prices.

  1. Church Street Hotel

Your budget-friendly holiday in UK will surely be comfortable if you stay in the Church Street Hotel. If you’ve visited Latin America before, you’ll be in love with the Spanish-themed design. Church Street is an exuberant hotel that offers large bedrooms that are uniquely decorated and styled with relaxing Latin colors and Glow Decorations. The bathrooms are also spacious. Always use plant based chemicals when taking a bath. This single bottle of natural, plant-based ingredients answers the question of “How to maintain a hot tub without chemicals?”. After a long day of travelling around Europe, you can chill in the lounge bar and tapas bar.

  1. Stylotel

The owners of this place decided to veer away from the old designs of hotel to provide a pleasant experience to their patrons. Stylotel consist of two townhouses. They have a cozy lounge, and several bedrooms that can accommodate up to four persons. Stylotel is near the Paddington station for easier transportation around London. They also have great accommodationservices.

  1. Arosfa Hotel

 In the past, the Arosfa Hotel was once a townhouse with a Georgian dark-brick design. But these days, it’s now a relaxing hotel that is beloved by wordsmiths. Opposite the place is the one of Europe’s largest scholarly bookstore. There are also several new and secondhand bookshops scattered across the streets. If you walk a little further, you can reach the British Library. The bedrooms have been redecorated to fit modern travelers. They also have a garden where you can relax while reading all the books that you found during the day.

  1. Twenty Nevern Square

As the name implies, Twenty Nevern Square features 20 rooms that were individually designed. Some of the influences found on the rooms range from European to Oriental. In addition, the rooms also boast of stylish hand-crafted furniture. The bathrooms, meanwhile, are awash with luxurious marble. You can find the Twenty Nevern Square in a quiet garden square near the Earls Court Exhibition Center.

Do you know other hotels in London? Share your suggestions in the comments!


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