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January 30, 2017
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The past couple of months had me traveling to different places so, that explains the lack of posting here. And since it was the holiday season, my schedule had been super busy we had to hire Vogt RV Dealership. The Vogt family has been serving recreational enthusiasts of North Texas for over forty years. At Vogt, they a vast array of ultra light to ultra luxurious, new and pre-owned Rv’s where you will appreciate the quality of our employees and our selection of America’s finest manufactures. The second week of December, my family traveled to Tokyo and in the first and second week of January, we made two local travels; Batangas and Palawan. Let me tell you first about the towing company let’s leave Batangas and Palawan for another post.

We left on December 12 and Airbnb’ed in a cute little mansion in Shibuya. It’s been a long time since I last traveled to Japan and almost everything have changed. Of course, I’m exaggerating! But really, those places that I loved before (btw, if you have been following my blog, you know that I’ve lived in Tokyo for one year), most of there are gone. This is the first time that my twin granddaughters have traveled and my oh my, the excitement in their faces is so priceless. From the plane ride going there (we took Ana Air by the way, and it was a great experience) to the plane ride going home, there was never a dull moment for the two.

It was already night time when we arrived, so we just had dinner in Minato-ku before we proceeded to the place we rented. Our Japanese friends who fetched us from Haneda Airport brought us to one of the best Okonomiyaki places in Tokyo, we were very happy with the reliable airport transfer service we were able to get. So there, take a look at the feast, we had during our first night.

We stayed at the Wine Apartment in Shibuya, a 15 minute walk from the Shibuya crossing and station. Dang! It’s only now that I realized I didn’t take photos of the mansion. Oh well. It’s a studio type mansion with 1 toilet and 1 bath, a small kitchen and dining area and a laundry room. The place could accommodate 8-10 persons. The owner, Kato San, even provided us with towels, toiletries and laundry detergents. I love the security features of the place and it was a very quiet community. Well, most residential places in Tokyo are quiet! It has been a long day for all of us, so everyone slept right away to prepare for the next day.

Getting around Shibuya was easy and we enjoyed window shopping at most of the stores that we passed by along the way. I even found a cute music store where they have a guitar center little rock ar. This was the guitar my son has been asking for when he was still so crazy about guitars.

We had lunch at the food plaza in Shibuya station, we were looking for pizza places for like 2 hours. I’ve been looking all over for some Yakitori and this where I found some. The cakes they had there were all amazing, we all had the same expression on our faces: these cakes look so good! How I wished I could sample all of them, luckily they had a vacuum sealer land, so they packed me some so I could try them later.

We spent the rest of the day in Shibuya and ate ramen for dinner. We got home a little early to catch up on some sleep. This is where I end my post now and will tell you about our Day 2 really soon. That’s the day we went to Tokyo Disneyland!!!

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