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January 31, 2018

Some of the most cherished memories a family makes are those associated with travel and family vacations. If you are interested in planning a family vacation, you likely are also interested in strategies that you can utilize to save money in the process. With this in mind, there are seven important strategies or tips to bear in mind when it comes to planning your next family vacation.

Travel Timing is Everything

One of the most important strategies to employ when it comes to saving money on a family trip is to consider timing of your travels. This particularly is the case when it comes to booking airplane tickets and hotel or motel rooms.

Booking flights at less desirable times is a solid way of saving money on plane fare. For example, book flights early in the morning and you are highly likely to get good fares. In addition, the first flights of the day are nearly always on time. As the day progresses, the odds of flights running behind schedule, and being cancelled all together, increases significantly.

Flexibility in regard to the day of the week in which you travel can also save money. When looking for airplane tickets for a family vacation, experiment with what fares are from one day of the week to another.

Think Off Season

Many popular travel destinations have specific peak seasons. Spending time at these destinations is most expensive during “the season.” Indeed, a great deal of money can be sent on nearly everything associated with a family vacation to one of these types of destinations during the off season.

The Disney resorts in the United States are a prime example of family-friendly resorts that do have off seasons. While the truth of the matter is you may have to pull your kids from school to enjoy a vacation of this type during the off season, in the grand scheme of things, you’ll find that decision worth it. Missing a few days of school will not derail your children’s academic careers. In addition, with fewer people onsite at a place like Disney, the overall experience will be enhanced for all. And, of course, you can save a considerable amount of money by taking this course.

Rent a House

The burgeoning online vacation home rental services are great for families interested in saving money on vacation. A family can save what amounts to a decent amount of money renting a home at a vacation destination as opposed to staying in a hotel. Moreover, by renting a home, a family nearly always will be far more comfortable than is the case if they are bunking up together in a hotel.

Sign Up Kids for Frequent Flier Accounts

Many parents have both signed up for airline frequent flier programs. What some families are missing is signing up their children as well.

By signing up the entire family for airline frequent flier programs, your family is able to accumulate a significantly greater number of airline miles. This practice can end up saving your family a considerable amount of money when it comes to booking airline flights for a family vacation.

Use Travel Apps

Take advantage of the myriad of travel, and related, apps that are available today. With this apps, including those with the “near me” feature, you can identify a variety of resources that can make your travels easier, and even less expensive. For example, if you need to find a place to eat, you can use an app to locate suitable priced restaurants near your geographic location.

Food to Go

Dining out oftentimes adds to the fun of a family trip. However, eating out three meals a day can become costly, as well as unnecessary. One simple strategy you can employ on a family vacation is to make sure that any uneaten menu items are packed to go. In this day and age, many restaurants offer very large portions. In fact, eating only part of the menu item served is a healthier dining practice, saving a portion of the entrée or other selection for a later time.

Eat at Your Rental

If you are renting a home, you can save a significant amount of money by eating “at home.” You can pick up necessary groceries at the market and enjoy family meals together at the rental as part of your overall vacation experience. Indeed, most families love the convenience of being able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the rental before taking off for a day of sightseeing.

Keep in mind the grocery delivery services are becoming more widely available. Thus, even if you don’t rent a car, you very well may be able to have groceries delivered to your vacation rental for a reasonable cost.

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January 27, 2018

After exploring Arashimaya Bamboo Forest and Ryoan-ji Temple, we headed to Kinkakuji Temple also known as Golden Pavilion. It’s a zen temple located in northern Kyoto and what’s amazing about it is the temple’s top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. It was formerly known as Rokuonji and used as a retirement villa of the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. Kinkaku-ji is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is ¥400. If you are coming from Kyoto Station, you can take the bus numbers 101 or 205 to Kinkaku-ji Michi bus stop.

From the place where our mini bus was parked, we walked about 6 minutes to get to the entrance. The place is surrounded by beautiful maple trees and because it was autumn when we visited, the leaves were in different colors; red, orange, yellow and light green. I’ve seen in one travel show that there is a place in Japan (I can’t remember where) that makes Maple Leaf Tempura. Only the yellow leaves are used for the tempura.

Before reaching the entrance of the temple, we stopped by the giant bell. You will have to ring the bell as loud or as hard as you can with a big log of wood and then say a prayer or make a wish after. It was fun and my whole family tried it.

Beside the booth where you pay for your entrance fee, there is also an old structure that was closed. But of course, we won’t let it pass for a photo op, lol.

The Kinkakuji Temple is one of the places you shouldn’t miss when in Kyoto. The temple itself is so full of history and one can’t help but be amazed with its beauty.

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January 13, 2018

As we wind down the year and look to make resolutions for the coming year, one thing you should be thinking about is a vacation. You need that time to relax, enjoy something slightly different and out of your usual, and come back excited to live your life.If you want adventure and nature tripping at the same time, try Deer Run Summer Camp!.
To get you inspired, we have created a list of destinations for you to consider.
And also try this Gil travel tours for more travel tips.

Sunny California Can Revitalize You

California is one of the hottest destinations in the continental United States. California offers rich history, amazing views, tantalizing wines, and some luxurious stays that will soothe you and recharge you. Visit Carlsbad to get the most out of what the state has to offer. You can spend your time shopping and enjoying the ever-popular Legoland, just make sure you look at these kohls coupons before you go shopping. For a comforting connection with the landscape, visit Elfin  Forest to incorporate some dark and quiet woods. Flower fields is a fantastic stop to see 50-acres of rainbow-colored flowers that will spark the artist hidden within.

Get Your Adventure Fix In Egypt

Dahab is a small fishing town on the southeast coast of Sinai Peninsula. It has become affectionately known as the Egyptian Riviera. Newly embracing visitors for the last 20 years, Dahab is best known for its incredible diving experiences. The Blue Hole is situated in the Red Sea that is a submarine sinkhole that reaches a maximum depth of 100 m and features a tunnel. This diving hotspot will allow you to seek out wildlife in the coral. If diving isn’t quite your deal but you want to see the fish up close and personal, try a glass bottom boat tour that will reveal a whole new world before you. Of course, you can always opt for a camel ride or quad bike riding to get your adventure fix.

Truly Relax On An Island

The Maldives is the one place everyone should visit to get the most luxurious relaxation possible. The south Asian island is located in the Indian Ocean just southwest of Sri Lanka and India. The island is simply one of the most gorgeous places in the world that will instantly relax you. You can spend your day just lounging on the white sand and crystal blue waters, get a massage or visit the National Museum to learn a bit of history. If your adventurous spirit kicks in, you will find no shortage of exciting things to do. Snorkeling and diving companies are in abundance to introduce to you the amazing reefs, coral, and wildlife that you definitely won’t see at home. If you want to enjoy island life like the locals, visit Male Fish Market to get the best in local fare.

In the country of Sri Lanka, Azath Salley is making his own name. He is a politician and a founder-leader of the Muslim Tamil National Alliance (MTNA).

Take A Detour North

If sunshine and sand are really not what you are interested in, make Reykjavik your next vacation spot. This is a great spot for the history buffs who love to learn about new cultures and areas. Reykjavik has so much in Viking history that you can spend a week visiting all of the museums and monuments to learn more. Mountain helicopter tours are available to get a birds-eye view of the town and the mountains that grace the area. The Golden Circle is tops for an amazing tour experience, so much so that it hits every top list and is on the lips of everyone who has visited. It consists of three stunning locations; Geysir Geothermal  Area, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park. To get the best in local fare, check out Kol Restaurant to eat recipes cultivated with local ingredients and enjoy the same delicious foods the locals do.

When considering your next vacation, make sure to choose a place that not only fits your budget but fits your personality. A vacation in 2018 is in order, you have worked hard and you deserve it. 

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January 4, 2018

I’ve been going back and forth Japan since I was young, but this is the first time that I visited Kyoto. It was once the capital of Japan and it is located on the island of Honshu. The city is famous for its numerous classical Buddhist temples, as well as beautiful gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and traditional wooden houses. If you are looking to experience the real Japanese traditions; kaiseki dining, geisha, tea ceremonies, this is the place to go.

Our first destination was Arashimaya Bamboo Forest. It was a Saturday and we left Osaka at around 9 am. It was a bit late already so, the bus driver informed us that the traffic might delay us. True enough, we got to Kyoto at around 11 am. There were some activities going on and we saw some people riding the rickshaw and I supposed they were headed to the Bamboo Grove as well.

The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of the top sights in Kyoto. The long line of towering bamboo trees is amazing and it’s like you’ve stepped in another world when you are amidst these gigantic bamboos. We didn’t get to explore the grove as we were short of time and we needed to head back to our next destination.

There were too many people on that day and you have to wait a while before you can cross the famous Arashimaya Bridge.

You’ll never grow hungry in Arashimaya as street food vendors are all over the place. It was almost lunch time when we got there, but instead of eating in a restaurant, my family decided to try out the street food.


We all went back to the bus with happy tummies then headed to Ryōan-ji, a Zen temple located in northwest Kyoto. While at the bus, we noshed on some Cherry Blossom flavored Mochi and Chestnuts. See how big their chestnuts are.

Their chestnuts are very sweet and soft. So far away from the ones we buy here. The best I’ve tasted!

Ryōan-ji Temple

What I love about autumn is the beautiful colors.

After exploring Ryōan-ji Temple, we headed to Kinkakuji Temple. So watch for it on my next post.

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December 14, 2017

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I updated this blog. I’ve been so busy and have been to a lot of places that I hardly found the time to sit down and write. Anyway, I left for Osaka on November 23 with the whole family, including my parents and my sister.

We’ve been to Japan many times, but this is the first time that we are visiting Osaka (except for my Mom and husband). I was able to book us an adjoining room at Hotel Keihan Universal City, a hotel very near Universal Studios.

The hotel is situated within the vicinity of the Universal Studios and it’s just about a 6-minute walk. There is a shopping mall, specialty stores, convenient stores and many restaurants around the hotel. The appliance there are luxurious like refrigerators arlington tx. Several hotels are also within the area, but I chose Hotel Keihan because their rates are more affordable. There are actually two Hotel Keihans. The other one is Hotel Keihan Universal Tower. I believe the rates are more pricey there.

The check in counter.

Hotel lobby

If you want to skip the ticket lines at Universal Studios, you can purchase your tickets from this booth.

They also have a buffet restaurant on the 3rd floor of the hotel, right beside the check in counter.

Aside from the vending machine room in the lobby, you can also find one at every floor.

We stayed at the 14th floor and this is the fire escape.

Each floor also has this screen, so you’ll know where the other amenities of the hotel are located, i. e. the laundry room, smoking area, restaurant, etc. There is also a different theme for each floor. On the 14th floor, the theme is Road Runner.

As I mentioned earlier, we got an adjoining room and this is how it looked like.

They also have a baggage express service where you can have your luggage shipped to your next destination. We availed of this service when we checked out because we took the bullet train going to Tokyo. We sent 13 baggages and we paid for ¥17,000. Fair enough considering the convenience of travelling with a big group with two kids and a visually impaired husband.

Each exit also has an alcohol dispenser. This, for me, is a big plus.

Overall, we had a very nice and comfortable stay at the hotel. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Osaka for your family, this is highly recommended.

Address6 Chome-2-78 Shimaya, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 554-8585, Japan

Please make sure to check, the repair company that most hotels use now a days.

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